Legal Fees on Refinancing

$600.00* (if property on Land titles)

$800.00* (If property not on Land titles)

The following are disbursements on a refinancing:

 Property Tax Certificate $20.00
 Water and Sewer Certificate  $15.00 to $20.00
 Zoning Certificate  $100.00
 Subsearch  $17.50
 Copies/Postage/Fax charges/Long distance calls (approximate)  $40.00*
 Registering Mortgage  $85.00 (per parcel)
 Registering Release of Mortgage  $85.00 (per parcel)
 Bank Charges $6.80*
 Browser Fee $20.00 (per parcel)
 To pay out any bills (ie, finance company, charge cards, etc)  $20.00 (per payout)
 CRO (if under Land titles)  $35.00 (per parcel)
 Application for first Registation – AFR (if not under land titles)  $82.00



 In addition there are further charges for the following:

Survey Certificate (if one is required) or Title Insurance
Courier charges
Title search (if property not under land titles)

*HST applicable
If the mortgagor is a company, additional certificates are required at a cost of 176.00
In about 10% of the cases major difficulties arise that could cause the above noted fees
and disbursements to increase
For an explanation of disbursements see: Disbursement Explanation